Event Planners: Turn Up the Fun with Live Music & Line Dancing!


Looking for ways to add excitement and audience engagement to events with live music?

Look no further than Music City Line Dance! We specialize in high-energy line dancing instruction, perfectly complementing live music and creating unforgettable experiences.

Here's what we offer:

  • Interactive Crowd Engagement: Our experienced instructors get everyone on their feet, learning easy and fun line dances - no prior experience needed!
  • Engaging MC Services: Let us keep the party flowing! Our instructors can emcee your event, introducing bands and seamlessly leading line dancing during musician breaks.

Imagine this:

The live band wraps up an exhilarating set and is heading backstage to take a break. The dreaded lull between sets can kill the momentum and leave the audience itching for something to do…

This is where Music City Line Dance takes the stage, leading your guests through a fun and easy line dance.

Everyone is laughing, moving, and dancing to the music. The crowd is primed and ready for our instructor to reintroduce the band back to the stage and keep the event going. No downtime!

Event planners love us because:

  • We boost crowd engagement: No more awkward mingling during set breaks!
  • We're fully customizable: Contact Darcy about your event, and we can tailor our services to fit your specific needs.
  • We bring the FUN (and the expertise): Energetic instructors and dancers make learning and participation enjoyable for all.

Ready to make your next event truly epic? Let's chat about how line dancing can transform your live music experience!